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Dear visitor,

The age of vinyl records and music-cassettes has been over for quite some time.

Compact discs are standard, but their shapes and sleeves are different apart from a few exceptions, and they are also standardized.

I would like to show you in the following sites how much variety there once has been in record stores.

To clarify that, I'm glad to present you with samples of my own collection.

In the meantime, many of these records have become desired collector items.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy yourself.

Best regards

H. Focke


What you will find out in these sites are:

- Records that need no turntable

- Records that glow in the dark or change its color

- Records with two holes, two grooves, or even none

- Records that play inside out

- All kinds of different shaped records

- Records that have been released without any cover

- Covers made of steel, leather, wood, silk, foam, etc.

- Playable stamps, covers, card-discs or cloths

- MCs wrapped in peculiar and unusual covers

- Examples from the age vinyl records started up